The process of Adjusting and Adapting


Adjusting and Adapting

     What am I doing? Is it really necessary for me to adjust, just to have a better environment? and  a better society? A society that would help me to be a better person. A society whom would mold me into a great and different person, the one’s who would teach me the different aspects of life, the experience, troubles & challenges.

     It been really hard for me to adjust out here, I don’t know where to start, where to click. But still I have to try, even it would just create a whole bunch of mess, a failure, or maybe if lucky or blessed, it could be a success, a success with complements, rewards and medals.

     I don’t even know, why I started this. Maybe I just want to enhance the things I’ve learned in school, I want to try it out here in the real world, would it be effective & criticizing? Or maybe I just want to have a blog just for to have someone whom I could tell my experience life that I couldn’t tell to someone.

     I have a lot of goals, or should I say dreams. Dreams whom could be only achieved by me. Will I get popular? Popular as those guys in Hollywood, or even great writer, porter like Shakespeare.

     Well, one lesson I don’t want to forget in life is that, I don’t want to expect, for me expecting only creates disappointments; disappointments that would lead to your fall, to the hatred of others to you. So it would be better to just keep the expectation low. Letting others know it, makes them feel to have a big responsibility, because what they feel is that someone has a big trust them, then if they fail, a big depression comes.

     That’s all for now! I don’t wanna make this introduction blog more longer. Hope you guys support me out here. And I hope I would be able to get over this Process of Adjusting and Adapting.



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