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One needs some mental caps to actually read this essay.

I was in a mood to write something in depth, and hopefully somethng that can put a dent in the universe. ^_^ Not kidding. This is my first of my modern day enlightenment series.


Is Money Your Motivator?

Workplace motivation is a little more tricky than you have thought.

By Darwin Zialcita

Our motivations are surprisingly fascinating. Money drives us, like the usual notion that reward is equal to work and vice versa. Money is a power that controls many lives. Actually there are several different schools of thought about that — that the bigger the reward is, you get more of that certain behaviour that you want from that person; on the other hand, when you punish, you get less of that behaviour you want. This is the traditional motivation that big organizations used to do, and majority still do today.

The 21st century human being can not…

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