Be a Friend, Not a Stranger.

Be a Friend, Not a Stranger.

Image“A man stumbles and falls into a deep hole. He asks a passing priest to help him out. The priest blesses him and walks on. Hours later, a doctor comes by. The man asks for help, but the doctor merely studies his injuries from afar, writes him a prescription, and tells him to buy the medicine from the nearest pharmacy. Finally, a complete stranger appears. Again, he asks for help, and the stranger jumps into the hole. ‘Now what are we going to do?’ says the man. ‘Now both of us are trapped down here.’ To which stranger replies, ‘No, we’re not. I’m from around here, and I know how to get out.’”

          Everyone needs each other. Who knows, even the strangest person you’ll ever meet, might hand over a big hand or may lend you a big thing in the future.

Even though you feel weak and you feel so incomplete, for sure, you’ll be able to manage everything with the help of others. Well most commonly, it could be your friends that would be helping you, and also your family.

Never be satisfied that easy in the way that your still in right place, because everyone is created blank and everyone started with nothing. No one’s going to ever work you, if don’t work by yourself. It’s your life, not theirs. So everything that happens to you is because of your actions, don’t blame others if in case you’ll be in any troubles, because it’s you whom decided.

Everyone in your society and environment has its own purpose; it may be bad or good, but it doesn’t matter for you anymore. What’s important is that you learn how to live with this people; you learn to live with people with different personalities and passion in life. Because in the end, it would be the benefit of everyone, it would be the good of everyone, and also at the end you’ll be able to identify the purposes why you have to live with this kind of people. It could be your friend too, your friends in school, work and your family members. Everyone has this riddle in life, and that is to find your purpose. Ask yourself, why did you even exist? You existed for what purpose? Is it for you to solve the different problems that our society is facing, or maybe you are born to be a lawyer; a lawyer that would give the justice fairly to everyone? You, what your purpose?

I had this very great adviser, who taught me of the different things of life. On how life should go on, on how I should go and adapt the personalities of other people. This adviser really left me with this great effect on how my principle in life should be. She’s not telling me what to do, but simply she lets me choose the way on how I want to live my life. Also at same time she tells me the things I should not forget.

Limitations & boundaries. Don’t let them interfere on how you want to live your life. Always consider everyone in your environment, don’t make them feel like as a complete stranger and lastly find the purpose on why did you even existed.

I thank Ms. for every single meaningful word she delivers to everyone. May she continue to cherish the hope of everyone..

Such a great adviser.



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