Filipino Unity lvl: WATERPROOF

“Everybody wants to change the world, but no one wants to try.”

Filipino Unity lvl: Waterproof–


Just this past few days, the archipelago of Philippines encountered a monsoon storm. A monsoon storm that delivered a whole of bunch mess and fear to all Filipinos. It was unexpected, everything’s was unplanned, what they thought is that, it’s just a simple storm that would past the archipelago, a simple storm that would just give a little mess & some rain over.

The monsoon was named “Habagat” which means: a wind that comes from the northern part of a specific country/place.

Habagat poured down rain for almost 48 hours streak. The flood slowly starts to build; the wind gets stronger and stronger the far it gets. Houses and apartments in low land areas are starting to get flooded. Rivers and Dams are getting loaded too.

One of the most critical places at that time specifically was in Marikina, known as the shoe capital of the Philippines. Marikina river almost overflowed, the water level reached 20m. People in some low areas are getting drowned, getting stranded. Some houses had been crashed by the raging flood. The food that people consumes out there are being short. No one sells any goods anymore. It’s only up to you, on how you’re going to save your family and yourself.

After the past 48 hours, when the storm calmed. People in different places/cities started to make their own donations, donations that would help the people in evacuation areas. Foods, clothing, supplies, and money are the top donations being given by the different people in the Philippines for their own fellowmen. Schools and universities also made their part, they donate food, clothing too, with the help of the volunteers, and some are staffs, teachers, and students.

Everybody has their own part, has their own ways on how to lend, to help, and to give. Now these times, it doesn’t matter anymore on how much you we’re able to buy that certain donation you will be giving, as long it came from your own hard work, and heart everything you give will be surely valued.

This is my part; this is my own way on helping others. I may not be rich financially to help others, but I know in my own simple little ways, I could create a big change, a change that would make the lives of my fellowmen better. It doesn’t matter on how it cost you helping, what’s expensive is on how’d you lend your heart and hand to others.

Now it’s your turn, think about it, have you done your best already? Don’t forget to choose what’s best for you and for the rest of your fellow mankind. There’s no time to waste. Live life to its fullest…

     You? Have you done your part?

I salute to you O’ God,

May all the glory be in your name!



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