Oh god. I must try this! 🙂 HAHA

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This will mark the third year in a row I’ve decided to disconnect from technology and the Internet. It started in 2010 when I took a 4+ month sabbatical from social media in general. No blogging, Facebooking or Tweeting. Last year I took the month of August off.  I’m going to do it again this year for a few weeks. Aside from the preschedule blogs posts I’ve written (and their corresponding tweets), I’ll be pretty much offline.


There are three primary reasons why disconnecting from technology and the Internet (particularly social media) is good for you:

  1. It allows you to RE-connect with family and friends. (Real friends. You know. The kind you actually talk to and see on a regular basis in the physical world).
  2. It clears your mind and soul of the negativity that can build up from too much social media connection. That negativity…

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