No more regrets, life is too short for it.

No more regrets, life is too short for it

Do I even deserve what I have right Imagenow? What did I do to get these things? Am I blessed or maybe I’m just a lucky lottery boy. Well for everything that happens to me I thank God for everything, for every bad thing that happened to me, for the worse conflict I’ve ever faced. I thank God twice for it, it made me learn from the mistakes I’ve done, made me correct the wrong decisions I’ve committed and most of all it made and meld me into a better person on whom I am today. For the good things, I thank God and give all the glory into his name. For showing me the future, for letting me predict by using my own vision and perfectly made me into his will and likeness.

Decisions, it only has two main effects, whether it’s going to be good or bad.

Good side.

It’s always been better being here, being in this side, staying in this side. It gives you a better reputation, when it comes to public popularity. Common values are always unto you. You choose this side because you care for others, you care for the sake of everybody, not only to yourself but everyone in your society.        Image Image

  Bad side.

                   When you hear the word ‘bad’ first thing that comes to your mind is ‘evil’ it’s a devil opinion. Well if that’s the case, you better start thinking and changing your ways and opinions on how you’ve known some certain words. Bad isn’t really that bad. It doesn’t make you literally a worse person. But only decreases the way on how you look yourself. After you succeed in a wave of problems, what do you feel? You Feel good, you feel better. Because you know in yourself you’ve known and corrected the mistakes you’ve done, just think about it.

Always value everyone on your environment, especially those whom are really special to you, it could be your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friends or your family. But just remember to always take care of everything you have, take advantage being with them, always value the time you spend with them, and just simply enjoy being with them. Who knows, everybody could just passed away that easy, with just a snap from God, everything could change… Ask yourself, if ever these things would happen to you, are you ready?

Image I offer and dedicate this to my Grandpa’, for all the teachings you gave to me and to everybody. I salute to you Grandpa’! May you rest well out there in heavens.

Image  And to this special friend of mine, whom is always being knocked down by the problems in this wonderful life. Live well out there! I wish the best for you, my friend.


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